An on-line only support and guidance program offering fast weight loss using a raw food diet

Do you have 60+ lbs to Lose? Join Our Obese Side of Camp. 

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Welcome to Raw Food Boot Camp. This on-line only program is designed for the morbidly obese to achieve fast weight loss through a raw food diet. I’m Carlene, your obesity weight loss coach. I too, used a raw food diet for fast weight loss to beat my obesity. To be part of our Full Membership Raw Food Boot Camp or our Group Only obese only program you must have a BMI of 33 or more. Click here to go to our BMI calculator. Those with a BMI under 33, are welcome to join our new, and growing, Over Weight side of camp. You’ll use the same payment buttons, you’ll do orientation together, but come the weekend after orientation, you will be moved to your respective sides of camp.

If you are tired of that fat suit and want out. We are the men and women to do it with! Our raw food diet is the path to your fast weight loss, but our program is the pathway to ridding yourself of your fat suit, once and for all.

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Raw Food Boot Camp

Raw Food Boot Camp is unique in the raw food diet world,the fast weight loss world, and the dieting world in general. Why? While we are called Raw food Boot Camp, we only offer one 100% raw food diet, our other three diets utilize cooked veggies and/or other whole foods along with our raw food diet. And, while some have wanted her to take up the banner, Carlene, your weight loss coach, is not a raw food guru or even a purist. She is not a professional medical, nutritional, or mental health specialist. She is a woman who found her way out of her fat suit through raw food in 2005 and now helps others do the same. Obesity, not the raw food diet, is her passion.

A raw food diet is a tool, nothing more. It gives us fast, healthy weight loss, emphasis on healthy. Very few who go through Raw Food Boot Camp remain on a 100% raw food diet through maintenance. We go for a healthy sustainable maintenance diet. Raw or not. And, while we offer fast weight loss, as quick as 100 lbs in six months for those doing our Rawk Starz! program, we eat our way to health.

No drugs, no fasting, no living on protein shakes or juices.

If you don’t follow our healthy guidelines, for one, you won’t lose the weight as fast, and two, you will be asked to leave camp. Health is our number one priority. Fast weight loss is a perk to getting healthy!

Most diet programs want everyone to sign up and join. We don’t. Our before and afters are impressive, and unfortunately, they bring impulse buyers. We are not a quick fix program, we are about changing and that takes time, lots of time and effort. This is not easy. Those looking for a quick fix are best served elsewhere. Only those who understand our program and are ready to shed the fat suit are able to join. To ensure this, everyone must listen to our Introduction to Raw Food Boot Camp audios, read everything here on this site, and then take a 25 question quiz.

Don’t waste your money or time if you aren’t sure we are the right fit and you are at the right time to not just lose weight fast, but to lose it forever. If you’re still interested, you have a lot of reading and listening to do! I will say this: we’re worth it! ~ Carlene

Two Sides of RFBC
The Obese and The Over Weight

Why are the two weight groups separated? Mainly because it is hard for someone who needs to lose 200 lbs to hear someone who needs to lose 30 lament over how her size 12′s are too tight, when our obese member hasn’t seen a size 12 since she was a teen. Issues are the same, daily discussions are the same, you are treated the same, but by separating the groups you get to work with your true peers. People who understand your struggle from your point of view. This is one of the things that makes RFBC so unique. 

Introducing our Anti-Depression Diet – Add On


Introducing RFBC’s Anti-Depression Diet Add on

Depression and obesity go hand in hand for many. The depression causes us to not care. We feel trapped in our obesity, but we are too depressed to believe we will ever be able to rid ourselves of it. So, we get caught in a cycle of clogging our bodies with more junk, more toxins, which only make us more depressed. It’s a cycle we can’t seem to break.

Our raw food diets at RFBC are very cleansing, and for some, such as Carlene, that cleansing allows the body to function better. When the body functions better, when it gets unclogged and things start to flow and function as they should,  for some, depression clears up or at least eases up. After 6 months of RFBC style raw foods, Carlene was able to stop taking supplements to ease depression. She went from deep dark depression to having not experienced depression in the past 9 years.  She believes it was the cleaning of her liver that made the difference. Not all depression can be fixed with a cleansing raw food diet, but maybe, just maybe, yours can. However, if you’re too depressed to even try our raw food diets how will you ever get that cleansing effect. Right!

Our Anti-Depression Diet Add Ons are foods that we have discovered lift mood while allowing continual weight loss. These add on foods are foods you would eat on a regular vegetarian diet: beans, mushrooms, broccoli, cauliflower and sunflower seeds. 

Our add-on foods will not cure your depression. They will not make your life easier. They won’t pay your bills or get you a promotion. All they will do is lift your mood. It is with that lifted mood that you can find the hope and courage needed to go after a program like Raw Food Boot Camp and use a raw food diet for fast weight loss and better health.

Carlene knows depression. She’s lived it and she has lost a dear friend to it. If obesity is keeping you depressed. If depression is keeping you obese, then why not come and try our anti-depression add on diet with our Wholy Rawkers half raw food diet, and see if it will give you that extra boost to start taking back your life. Once you feel better, then you can switch up to our Butt Kickers diet and get the fast weight loss that will help keep you balanced and healthy.

In the past year, we have done some trials with our anti-depression diet. For everyone who stuck through the 2 weeks, everyone felt a significant decrease in depression. We used the Mayo Clinic’s Depression Rate app, but it seems to have been removed from their site.  Most of the numbers on the scale dropped by half after just two weeks. Again, our diet lifts mood, it does not cure depression.

Use PsychCentral’s Screening test to rate your level of depression

How our anti-depression diet add-on works is by increasing the synthesis of consumed tryptophan into serotonin. Eaten daily, our add on foods give you 100%of the RDA for tryptophan and folate. Folate, Niacin and b6 are needed for the synthesis to happen. Tryptophan is converted from your gut right to serotonin. It has very quick results. These add on foods give you what you need to increase your serotonin levels. Hence, the mood lift. Combined with the hemp we all eat daily, this combo could be the difference between you being obese at the start of the New Year, or you already half way to your dreams of slim, health, wellness, and happy. It could also mean an easier winter and holiday season.

To do the add-on Anti-Depression diet, simply let Carlene know when you start Orientation. Because of the beans, you won’t be able to do our Rawk Starz program. Butt Kickers is an 80% raw food diet program that still offers fast weight loss.


Showcase of Obesity Before and Afters

This program has changed my entire life for the better. I feel 150% percent better than when I started and most of my health issues have resolved themselves. I would recommend it to anyone. Carlene is stellar as a weight loss coach.Indigo

Meet Our Rawk Starz Divas

Click on the photos below to go to a Rawk Star Diva’s Journey page. All of her before and afters are listed as well as her current weight and bmi. There is an In Her Own Words section, where she answers five question I put to her.

These women have lost over 60 lbs using our Rawk Starz diet and walking 2 hours a day. We offer other programs as well. All of these women are current members in our obese side of camp who head up our Rawk Starz Diva weekly challenge.

JanBree Fast Weight Loss With Raw Food Diet Avatar

Menza Fast Weight Loss with Raw Food Diet Avatar

Michelle Fast Weight Loss with Raw Food Diet Avatar

VforLove Fast Weight Loss with Raw Food Diet journey

I got my 75 pound chip and card today, thank you so much and thank you for the wonderful card. When I first started looking at RFBC I was such a lost soul that didn’t think I would be able to do everything you required. Now I know that I can do anything that I set my mind to. Thank you for helping me to believe in myself again! Michelle

Who We Are

We are the Obese Helping the Obese

We are a small intimate group of obese men and women who have tired of our obesity and are using a raw food diet or a whole food diet and walking as a means to lose weight fast. While fast weight loss is important to most who join, in reality, it is a means to get to where we really want to go…a life without food obsessions, without constantly thinking about our weight. A life free of obesity and all it brings. To get there, takes work. Everyday at RFBC, we work on changing our relationship to food. We work on cutting the cord between emotions and food. We work on overcoming the obstacles that we or others have placed in our way from having the happy, healthy life we deserve. There is never any psychoanalyzing. We get that history plays a role in many’s obesity. We can’t fix the past, but we can forge a new future, and that is our goal. There is so much more to obesity than just overeating. We know that, because we have all been or still are obese. Together we work on breaking bad food behaviors, ignoring fat brain lies, and giving up on excuses. We come to terms with our bodies and learn how to eat for the best health possible. Fast weight loss on our raw food diet gives us quick results to keep up motivated, but Raw Food Boot Camp is about so much more than fast weight loss or the raw food diet. We are about change. We don’t accept that we can’t do this. Instead, we see those before us who have done it and push for our own success. This is not always easy, but it is doable. For those of you who have lost hope that you will ever step away from the fat suit, trust me when I say. If you are ready, we can help you do it. But you have to be ready. You have to want this. Fast weight loss on our raw food diet with walking is the way to go. Raw Food Boot Camp will give you the support, guidance, and tools to make it happen.

How We Work

Our Programs Are Designed for Lifetime Success

Raw Food Boot Camp is an on-line program offering fast weight loss for the obese using various percentages of a raw food diet. We use the private area of this website and a forum to work together daily. Carlene is your obesity weight loss coach. She too achieved fast weight loss on a raw food diet back in 2005. A raw food diet or whole food diet with walking are our methods for fast weight loss. Every Monday through Friday there is a daily audio that is recorded the night before based on what is going on at camp. These audios are available to our paying members who subscribe to our Audio Only, Group Only, or Full Group Membership Levels. Every day, there is a group wide daily discussion based on the audio. On the weekends, we have discussion without audios, but still they are quite lively. These daily discussions are available to our Group Only and Full Group Membership Levels. Every day, each member of our Full Group Membership Level is required to log their previous day’s food and exercise in a personal log with Carlene. Carlene will help them tweak their food, address their concerns, struggles, whatever in her daily responses to their log. While fast weight loss is most members goals, we do offer slower, more steady methods for those who want to do a part raw food diet. Full Group Members have daily access to Carlene via their logs, our Personal Messaging system and emails. Each week we work on a specific theme which can be usurped by anything going on at camp that needs to be addressed. These audios are not often about the raw food diet or fast weight loss, they are about change. For example, we could be talking about how to prepare for vacations one week when a couple of members are hit with high stress situations. The next day’s audio will be sidetracked to address how to manage stress without food and our daily discussion will be based on helping the individuals get through by using the group as a sounding board and as a means for even more successful experience in how to proceed without a binge or even a taste. This method works well. We are all about the individuals in our groups and work together as a team toward everyone’s success. For the Group Only and Full Membership Level members, we have SOS boards for immediate support, a venting area where members can vent about anything instead of eating over it, and sunshine boards which let us glow in the compliments, new discoveries, new clothes, etc., which make fast weight loss so much fun. Nothing is ever stagnant at RFBC. We want everyone to succeed. While our raw food diets are proven and true, our methods of change are forever evolving as we as a community get a better understanding of what it truly takes to say goodbye to the fat suit forever.

What is Expected from You

What is Required of You if You Join Our Full Boot Camp

  • Daily Exercise
  • Daily Logging of your food and exercise in a nutritional database.
  • Daily Copying of that food and exercise to your log with Carlene.
  • Daily Participation in our Discussion Threads.
  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday Weigh ins.
  • Regardless of photo option, everyone sends in a scale photo every Monday morning and on the 1st of each month.

Minimum Daily Time Commitment

  • Minimum 45 minutes of exercise – 2 hours recommended for fast weight loss
  • 15 minutes to log food in nutritional database*
  • 30-60 minutes to participate at camp and do log with Carlene

*You can choose which nutritional database you want to use, but you have to be able to copy and paste the daily food list to your log with Carlene. Also, time may be more in the beginning as you get used to how to use everything.

Our Raw Food Diets

What We Eat for health and weight loss

Raw food is the base of our diets. There are 4 different versions. Unlike other raw food diet programs, ours is low in fat, sugar and sodium. We don’t do recipes, nuts or dates! Imagine that! It’s the secret to our fast weight loss. What we do eat is a lot of low glycemic index fruits, low carb veggies, greens, hemp, flax, and chia seeds. Those who eat some cooked food, eat beans, lentils, quinoa, and low fat animal protein. No dairy. No soy. No wheat. And never anything processed. We do not juice, fast, or live on protein shakes. Those who try it never get the fast weight loss they come to camp for. It is mandatory that everyone eats a minimum of 1000 calories a day. Those that continually eat less than this will forfeit their membership. It’s an odd phenomenon. Everyone expects, eat less, lose more. But our bodies know the difference between health and starvation. We eat for health and our bodies reward us with fast weight loss. 1200 calories a day on our low fat, low sugar, low sodium raw food diet is how our big lossers get their fast weight loss. We are about health, and our raw food diet offers it. We offer the following 4 plans:

Rawk Starz! for those seeking truly fast weight loss

100% low fat, low sodium, low sugar raw food diet

Rawkinators – for those who want fast weight loss but need some warmth

80% low fat, low sodium, low sugar raw food diet. 20% steamed veggies.

Butt Kickers – for those willing to sacrifice some of the fast weight loss for cooked meals

80% low fat, low sodium, low sugar raw food diet. 20% low fat,low sodium, low sugar unprocessed whole foods. No dairy, soy or processed foods allowed.

Wholy Rawkers – for those where fast weight loss is not as important as changing their diet for health.

50% low fat, low sodium, low sugar raw food diet. 50%  low fat,low sodium, low sugar unprocessed whole foods. No dairy, soy or processed foods allowed. To learn more about our raw food diets click here.

Our Exercise


For exercise, we walk. Many want to come to camp and get all their exercise at the gym with their fitness trainer. This doesn’t work. Fast paced cardio and weight training make you hungry, so you will want to eat more, and won’t burn the fat as well. Because we work together, it is important that we work the same program. You have to be willing to walk to join either the group only or full boot camp. Others are welcome to do our Audio only program and our On-Your-Own programs. If you can’t walk, email Carlene, oftentimes a solution can be found. Unfortunately, it can’t be a stationary bike. No one has ever lost weight with stationary bikes. Or yoga, sorry. Even bikram yogo. It has to be walking. Or… lap swimming. Continuous freestyle lap swimming. No floating, no stopping every lap. For fast weight loss, walk, snowshoe, hike. Do it for a long time at a speed where you can talk but not sing, and you will see the fat suit slip away. A treadmill on incline gives great results, but it’s pretty boring! Get some movies. On inclement days, you can do walking videos, but only as a last resort. Add a mini trampoline for best results. I know, walking isn’t sexy, but it is what works, and if you can keep from stumbling over curbs, it is a low impact, low injury exercise. Most importantly, in all the years Raw Food Boot Camp has been helping the obese lose weight fast, the only ones with fast weight loss were those that walked, a lot. It is duration and effort, not speed and miles that count.

The best thing I’ve ever done for myself was to find Carlene’s website and start Finding Your Perfect Diet followed by all of the Fat Brain Behavior courses. I admit that I have no will power but I do have determination. I was determined that I wasn’t going to be fat for the rest of my life. I was determined that I could keep up with my children. I was determined to wear regular sized clothes and I was determined to look attractive to my husband. And ladies, I’ve done it and so can you.TxGirl

Current Member’s
Before and Afters at Raw Food Boot Camp

  • Michelle Hits 90 lbs Gone in 5 Months 5 Days! October 23, 2014

    Michelle Hits 90 lbs Gone in 5 Months 5 Days!

    Michelle actually hit this last Friday, but we’ve ha so many new milestones hit with new before and afters, I wanted to showcase other’s success before hers so they wouldn’t look at hers and think less of their own accomplishments. Because, folks, wow. She looks like a teenager! Absolutely beautiful. She has to lose less than 8 pounds to hit 100 lbs gone, but she doesn’t officially win the 100 lb challenge until Dec 11th on her 7 month anniversary. She and I are expecting she will be at goal by then. 

    Imagine 100, 110 lbs gone in 7 months. From being morbidly obese with no way out to being thin, fit, and healthy. All in 7 months. 

    Michelle has been perfect on her plan since day 1. She never wavered. That is actually rare and only a few have accomplished it. Others have won the challenge, but except for a few of us, most have broken their plan once or twice. Michelle is a true Rawk Starz.

    I know I speak for all of us on the obese side of camp when I say, Michelle is a beacon, she is a rock, she is someone you can follow and know you will be safe. Most importantly she is heart and has led our Rawk Starz Diva group since the day it started. Everyone is excited and so very proud of her.

    Okay, I’ve made you wait, made you scroll down to see. And here she is. Can you say beautiful?

    Michelles 90 lbs Gone Fast Weight Loss with a Raw Food Diet Before and Afters

    Michelle is RFBC’s Top Rawk Starz Diva!
  • Pogo Hits 40 lbs Gone & Joins our 100 lb Challenge October 23, 2014

    Pogo Hits 40 lbs Gone & Joins our 100 lb Challenge

    Pogo started a week or so after Free and has kept pace. She hit her 40 lbs gone in 7.5 weeks and is ready to take on the 100 lb challenge. Her body, as you can see by the photos, has been responding big time. Pogo had one small fall, but she got right back up and back to plan. That is a true diva in my mind. Way to go, Pogo!

    Pogo 40 lbs Gone Fast Weight Loss with Raw Food Diet Before and After

    Pogo 40 lb Animation of Fast weight loss with a raw food diet

    We are very excited to have Pogo join us in the challenge. She’s bee at camp before and knows this is her time, and the best way to do this. She is loving the compliments and even the challenges of facing critics of our plan. She’s been raw and part raw for years. Now she’s a Rawk Starz and loving it!

    Pogo is doing our Rawk Starz Diet and 2 hours of walking a day.


  • Krinkels 25 lbs Gone Before and Afters October 22, 2014

    Krinkels 25 lbs Gone Before and Afters

    Krinkels is the first member of our new OverWeight group to hit a big milestone like this, and we are very proud of what she has accomplished and what she has contributed to camp. 

    She is so pleased with the results she offered to show her face to the world. She likes what she sees. How cool is that?

    She told me that she hid in her carport to take her start photos, but gladly stepped outside for her after shots. I’m not sure I get the hiding, but I certainly get the feeling great about how she looks. Beautiful, wouldn’t you agree.

    Krinkels 25 lbs Gone Raw Food Diet Before and Afters

    Here is what Krinkels said today after we all oohed and ahhed over her before and afters:

    Thank you Carlene!!  I am so grateful to you and your program.  I feel so healthy mentally, physically and spiritually.  I feel I can handle anything thrown my way and feel so much empowerment.  I am excited for my future and to see what the new year brings me!!  Rawk on!!!

    Krinkels is a Group Only Member in our Overweight Group. 



  • Free Hits 50 lbs Gone in 9 Weeks and Wins our 50 lb Challenge October 21, 2014

    Free Hits 50 lbs Gone in 9 Weeks and Wins our 50 lb Challenge

    Okay, okay, the 50 lb Challenge is a 12 week challenge. Free decided she’d get there faster. Just 9 weeks. Can you imagine? Like Michelle, Free has been perfect to her plan with both diet and exercise since day one. She has been focused and determined.  When we say Rawk Starz, we’re talking Free all the way!! I am so proud of her.

    Check out these new before and afters! She is looking great. I think even she is in disbelief.

    Frees 50 lb Gone Fast Weight Loss with Raw Food Diet Before and Afters

    For winning the 50 lbs in 12 (9) Week Challenge. Free receives 4 free weeks of camp, a $50 coupon off her next membership fees and the ability to earn another 4 free weeks of camp.

    Congratulations, Free!!

    Here is what Free wrote yesterday after we all gushed about how great she is doing and looks! We were talking about the power of her Rawk Starz Diva challenge group:

    When I reached about 20 pounds, I spent some time reading Michelle’s logs and others, and it hit me . . . wait, I could do this too!!  I was so challenged, inspired, and motivated to go and get it for myself.  I am only competing with myself . . . and we all have the same goal.  I have had some zero weight losses, but I learned from those who have been here longer than me that it’s normal and just to move on, so I didn’t think any more about it.  So much of this is in our head and we have to be willing to move ourselves to act and feel beyond what has been normal for us in the fat brain world.  But I keep coming back here for the support–I remember Carlene describing one time that she used to take individual clients, but they would not succeed like us in the group.  And I can believe it.  Carlene, you are amazing, but you know that we need everyone here to make this work.  So thankful that we have this group!!!  

    Free does our Rawk Starz Diva plan with 2 hours of walking each day
  • KaCastro Hits 42 lbs Gone in 2.5 Months October 20, 2014

    KaCastro Hits 42 lbs Gone in 2.5 Months

    I was a little surprised that KaCastro has only been with us for 2.5 months. She is such a big part of our Rawk Starz Diva group. I had her here, in m mind, for so much longer! That goes to show how well she fit into camp!

    So 42 lbs in 2.5 months. Let’s see if you did that, you could be 42 lbs thinner by the end of the year. Maybe even 50lbs thinner. To me that sure is a great way to start a new year! 

    Look how sharp KaCastro looks in that spiffy jacket. It adds a little bit of bulk, so you aren’t seeing all of the loss, but you have to admit, she looks great. You should see her face. She cut her hair and looks so young and fresh. 

    Contrats, KaCastro. You are doing great!

    KaCastro's 40 lbs Gone Fast Weight Loss with Raw Food Diet Before and Afters

    KaCastro does our Rawk Starz Diet with 2 Hour of Walking
  • JanBree’s Unbelievable 70 lbs Gone Before and Afters October 16, 2014

    JanBree’s Unbelievable 70 lbs Gone Before and Afters

    I know you will be blown away by these before and afters as much as I was.  Jan had two things that slowed down her loss this past month and a half. High stress and an injury. September’s weight loss was agonizingly slow, but being the diva she is, she kept to her program and even found ways to get in her exercise without causing any more injuries. Everyone at camp was inspired by her patience and perseverance, and as you can see by her photos. It paid off. 

    She now seems back on track to hit goal in the next month and a half and join our Maintainer’s group well before the end of the year. How cool is that? 70 lbs in 7.5 months. She started with us in February. Joined the Divas in May, I believe, and soon, in well less than a year, she will not have only reached her goal weight, but through her journey with RFBC have changes so much of her thinking about food and the role it plays in her life. She is also the hero in the Rawk Starz Diva challenge for her commitment for early morning exercise before she starts another hectic day.

    JanBrees 70 lb Gone Fast Weight loss with Raw Food Before and Afters

    When I sent Jan her copy of the before and after, I didn’t realize I had sent it to her daughter, her photographer who sent me the photos. Here is what her daughter wrote back to me:

    Wow that’s so amazing! I tell her all the time how proud I am of her! Now she looks like I have always seen her, and I hope she sees it too. Thanks so much for helping my mom get so healthy and provide such a wonderful support group! 

    That made my day! Congrats to JanBree for giving us all hope that if we want something, if we don’t give in when it feels so tough, that it can be ours. She is a true hero at RFBC!

    JanBree does our Rawk Starz Diva program with 2 hours of walking a day.
  • Menza 70 lbs Gone with a Raw Food Diet September 26, 2014

    Menza’s 70 lbs Gone with a Raw Food Diet

    Menza hit 70 lbs gone this morning using our raw food diet for fast weight loss. Now, I will admit, this past month, she wasn’t thinking it was fast weight loss at all. It has taken her a few days more than 5.5 months to drop 70 pounds. Imagine thinking that was slow weight loss! These past 10 pounds took a grueling 34 days. She was stuck at a sticky point which for her felt like forever. But as always, it broke and the weight has been falling off again. This happens, it’s part of the process. It happened to me, it happens to everyone. There are times the scale does not move. I tell everyone. Trust the process. Your body knows what it is doing. The scale is just one metric in the weight loss journey. It will catch up. And trust me, I always get to say, I told you so! 

    Before you see Menza’s real before and afters. I want you to see the change her body has made in the past 34 days. She fought through the sticky point, keeping to her 2 hours of walking a day. She did not break her plan. And this, my friends, is what it did for her. Remember, these photos are just 34 days and 10 pounds apart.


    The difference is huge. So while she was thinking her body was no longer getting fast weight loss on her raw food diet, it was busy tightening and shrinking all over.

    In the past nine years, one of the biggest lessons I have learned and I try hard to pass it on to our members is: TRUST THE PROCESS. This just works. 

    As for those 70 lbs gone. Here is her full 70 lbs gone in a little over 5.5 months before and afters. You won’t believe it’s the same woman, but it is. Her transformation is beyond amazing.

    Menza fast weight loss before and afters with 10 lb comparision

    To see all of Menza’s Before and Afters on her Fast Weight Loss with a Raw Food Diet Journey Page, click here.

    That’s her daughter’s t-shirt and a pair of pants she didn’t even know she owned that were hidden deep in a drawer. Both size mediums. At 5 foot 7 inches, she still wants to drop 32 pounds to hit 145. Its hard to consider where those pounds will come from. You have to agree, she looks amazing. 

    I get to see her face. She is a mother of 5 with a 21 year old son and she looks in her 20′s. 

    This is what a raw food diet and walking can do. Fast weight loss is only part of it, the health, the sense of vitality and fitness bring a whole new level to dieting. A raw food diet will make you glow. Walking will transform you. As it has Menza.

    Menza would like to give a shout out to her Rawk Starz Diva Challenge group for the support and encouragement they offered while she endured the sticky point this past month. 

    Menza is a Rawk Starz Diva doing our Rawk Starz diet with 2 hours of walking daily
  • Gorgo Celebrates 2 Years of Maintenance at Raw Food Boot Camp September 26, 2014

    Gorgo Celebrates 2 Years of Maintenance at Raw Food Boot Camp

    Okay, we are a month behind on celebrating this. Gorgo just reminded us, that on August 31st, she celebrated 2 years at goal. She is actually 7 pounds above goal right now. But with having lost 61 lbs to get there, it is a very doable place to be. Gorgo is a current member at Raw Food Boot Camp working with both our Maintainers and our Over Weight group. Through these two years she has been in and out of camp. Whenever she felt she was getting a little too slippery with her food, she’d come back for a dose of RFBC, and get it all under control. We love having her.

    Here is her original 61 lbs in 4.5 months and at Goal before and afters from two years ago!

    Gorgos Goal Fast Weight Loss with a Raw Food Diet Before and Afters

  • Pogo Earns her 25lb Incentive Chip in 3.5 Weeks at Raw Food Boot Camp September 25, 2014

    Pogo Earns her 25lb Incentive Chip in 3.5 Weeks at Raw Food Boot Camp

    Pogo started with us on Sept 1st and has been doing our Rawk Starz Diva program with a 100% low fat, low sugar, low sodium raw food diet and 2 hours of walking a day.

    She’s been very excited and has not just made friends fast, but has embraced our program as if it was old hat. She wants the 100 lb Challenge, but first she has to hit 40 lbs gone in 8 weeks. She’s well on her way to that! 

    Most 25 lbs gone photos for those on our obese side of camp aren’t very exciting, but Pogo’s side shot is. Take a look and offer her the kudos she deserves for hitting camp running!

    Pogo 25 lb gone raw food diet before and afters

    Pogo is doing our Rawk Starz diet with 2 hours of walking a day
  • Foteen at Goal! September 18, 2014

    Foteen at Goal!

    FoteenGoalScaleFoteen took the longer road to goal. She decided early on that getting to goal was more important than running toward it. She has gone between our 100% raw diet and our Wholy Rawkers 50%raw diet. Has she been perfect? Nope. Has she been determined? You bet. She even took off 6 weeks for a European Vacation, and maintained her weight. We were all so impressed.

    By going slower, she has fought off most of her bad food behaviors and habits. She is starting maintenance today by upping her calories, just to 1400. Adding back in some foods she missed that stall weight loss like bananas and chickpeas, and bringing her exercise down to 75-90 minutes a day. This will be changing over the course of the next couple of months as we work toward finding her perfect maintenance diet and calories. She will likely loose another 5 pounds or so during this transition process.

    So here are the stats: 

    Foteen is 63 Years Old and 5 foot 3.

    She started RFBC on Jan 13, 2014 at 210 lbs.

    8 Months later with 66 lbs gone, she weighs 144 lbs.

    The photo of her in the red dress is beautiful. I can’t show you her face, but she doesn’t look 60, that’s for sure. She showed it to the women in camp, and boy they were impressed. She glows!


    As you may notice, there was a discernable crook in her back in the before photo which seems completely gone in her after photo. I asked her about this. She said that she has a slight scoliosis in her upper back and a problem with lumbar spondylolisthesis (mis alignment of L 3-4). She said she would get pain and numbness in her left leg due to the lower back problem, but now IT’S GONE! She called her new alignment amazing. 

    In full disclosure, a couple of months ago, she started taking a restorative yoga class, so how much of this was from the yoga, versus the exercise that she did as she lost the weight, and how much losing the weight had to do it, is up for discussion. Either way, it is amazing.

    Today in our discussion thread, which was all about her hitting goal. I asked her to share some insight. Here is what she said. Below this is a list of inches lost.  Oh, and on the dress on her treadmill wall? It didn’t fit right. It fit, but she made it years ago when her son was born, and things shifted too much since then, so she choose to be our lady in red!

    Here’s what she had to say:

    Wearing the imaginary crown and sash today!

    First of all, I LOVE this group, especially the group we have now…….the most real and motivated and inspirational bunch of women. You are present in my photos. I am reflecting you as much as me. Thank you again and again.

    I ran the gamut of all of Carlene’s diets. I chose Wholly Rawker because if I couldn’t do raw, I wasn’t failing and didn’t feel guilty. I love the way I feel when I eat 100% raw MOST of the time but some days I really needed beans or an egg. It worked for me to patchwork the plans.

    The two things that come to mind as the biggest keys to success (when I look at what lead me down the path to my highest weight ever) are the curfew and daily exercise. I was a secret night time eater. My husband goes to bed early and I often stay up very late watching television. I would have a snack then another then another.. Bad bad terrible mindless habit. The curfew simplifies my night…..easy… food. If I want something, it’s a cup of tea or a glass of ice water. Simple. The second is exercise. I love to race walk I used to compete 15 years ago and now I’m back in competition. I love my DVR – treadmill lady cave. I can watch old movies and comedy shows endlessly. It’s all about finding your groove. Some people have to go to a gym, some have to have nature. Figure this important key out and it is a big part of the battle. Don’t fight with the exercise just find out what works for YOU. 

    I plan to maintain at this weight for 3-6 months then possibly attempt to get down to 135. I am only 5’3″ so right now I am still not quite in the “normal” BMI but I am really comfortable at this weight and since I chose it at the beginning, I decided to stick with it. It feels great to be just a “little” overweight. 

    Thanks for all of your accolades. I feel like Queen for a Day (only people my age would remember that TV show)! Really , two days, because Carlene was waxing poetic yesterday, too. 

    Looking forward to the next Goal marker and big milestone!

    Here are her inches lost:

    Neck : 0.75 inches

    Under arms : 8.5

    Chest :6.5

    Under chest : 8

    2″ above belly button: 10

    Belly button: 7

    2″ below belly button: 12


    Left upper arm: 3                        Right upper arm: 2.5

    Above elbow:2.75.                         :2.5

    Forearm:1                                       :0.75

    Wrist: 0.25.                                      :0.25

    Upper thigh: 5.25.                           :5

    Above knee: 3.                                :3.5

    Calf:2.                                              :2

    Ankle: 0.75.                                      :0.75



  • Jenna Hits 40 lbs Gone in 3 Months September 17, 2014

    Jenna Hits 40 lbs Gone in 3 Months

    Jenna generously offered to show her face in her before and afters. Thank you for that, Jenna. And yes, 40 lbs in 3 months. She is not one of our fastest losers, but she still loses fast. That is an average of 3 lbs gone a week. Imagine, if you lost 40 lbs between now and December 16th! 

    Jenna received the ultimate compliment the other day. She was at her nephew’s football game. As a family they all wear t-shirts with his number on to support him. Later, her sister came up to her and told her she had seen this woman walking across the field. She recognized the t-shirt but couldn’t figure out who was wearing it because the woman was so skinny. Of course, it was Jenna!

    Jenna's 40 lbs Gone Raw Food Diet Before and Afters

    Here’s a story Jenna posted in today’s conversation thread:

    When I walked on Saturday morning I ended up walking along with a fun run/walk that was taking place on the path I was on. I can’t remember if I mentioned that here? I walked a full 10K… anyway- I saw a big girl running and her tank top said, “I hate running”. I thought it was hilarious and the look on her face made me believe her! lol. But she was doing it! I was proud of her and gave her the ‘thumbs up’ ‘good job sistafriend’ salute! But in my mind I was thinking, ‘come walk with me and I will tell you the secrets of RFBC!’ 

    Ah, there aren’t any real secrets. It’s all about fruit, hemp, greens and walking! Oh, support, accountability, perseverance and our newest catch phrase: Perfect Effort!

    Jenna is doing our Rawk Starz Diet with 2 Hour of Walking a Day
  • PaulaBear Celebrates 50 lbs Gone!! September 4, 2014

    PaulaBear Celebrates 50 lbs Gone!

    PaulaBear started on March 31st, and this past weekend, she hit her 50 lbs gone mark. We are all so proud of her. 5 Months, 50 lbs gone. Something to celebrate here at RFBC. Not everyone is a diva at camp, but Paula, who is a Group Only member can attest to how everyone can do this. Whether it’s 50 lbs in 3 month, 5 months or even 9 months, the thing about this is perseverance. Paula never gives up, she never backs off. She fights through the tough and the good times. She is our every woman at camp. You can look at her success and say to yourself. I can have what Paula got! And look at the B&A below. She has got a lot. Or rather, has lost a lot!

    PaulaBears 50 lbs Gone Raw Food Diet Before and Afters

    I am so proud of Paula. She has gone away on vacations and done the Group Only Program here at camp. She has struggled and she has got right back up. She is a hero here at camp because not once in these past 5 months have I ever heard her waiver on her determination to see this through. So, please celebrate this big loss with us and cheer Paula on as she works hard to break all her fat brain behaviors and habits to take this all the way to goal, and then keep it off for life. 

    RFBC needs more PaulaBears. Perseverance, determination, and a refusal to do anything other than succeed. Congratulations, PaulaBear.

    PaulaBear does a 90% raw diet with an average of 1 hour of walking a day.


  • VforLove Hits 70 lbs Gone in 4.75 Months August 28, 2014

    VforLove Hits 70 lbs Gone in 4.75 Months

    Imagine that 70 lbs gone. Today is August 28th. If you started next Monday and followed VforLove’s footsteps, come late January, you could be 70 lbs thinner? Where would that put you on your path to wellness?

    VforLove is not a woman of many words, but she is dedicated to her weight loss and finding her way to a weight she feels good at and can maintain. She rarely messes up, and gets her exercise in most days and still, she dropped so much so fast. We are all very proud of her.

    VforLoves 70 lbs Gone Fast Weight Loss with a Raw Food Die Before and Afters

    VforLove started at RFBC in the 300′s. The weight loss is really starting to show as well as the toning from all that walking. Way to go VforLove!

    VforLove does our Rawk Starz diet with 2 hours of walking each day.



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Foteens Raw Food Diet Goal Journey with Before and Afters


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