RFBC OYO Contract

Hi , to do our RFBC On-You-Own program, you must first fill out and sign our contract.

While start photos are not due for this program, if you have any interest in continuing with Carlene after this month of orientation, you will want those start photos. There are instructions on how to do them on the first day of orientation page. Please follow those. If you have doubts you have done the photos correctly, send them to Carlene for verification. When/if you do work with Carlene then you have them, if not you will lose that big water weight drop and not see the difference in your before and afters until quite a bit more weight is lost.

Please fill out this contract to get to our payment page for the RFBC OYO program. This program is designed for Monday starts, so your start date will be the next Monday after you pay. If you pay on a Monday and want to start on that Monday, you will need to contact Carlene to reschedule the start date for the current Monday instead of the next one.

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